Auxiliary Equipment

I sell many types of original auxiliary equipment, usually in unrestored but complete condition. Some of the types of things available include:

1) Wallboxes so that you can make selections on your jukebox from a remote location such as the kitchen or your bathroom! Most of the popular models are available at $150 to $300 each depending on condition.

2) Most machines require a stepper or other equipment to input the information from the wallbox. I can advise you as to which model works on your jukebox and whether I have one available. Prices are generally in the $150 to $400 price range for complete unrestored steppers.

3) I also have remote volume controls (RVC’s). These allow you to reject the record or adjust the volume from a remote location. It is very convenient to have one located near the telephone. I have them available for most models of Seeburg and Wurlitzer from the 1950’s and 1960’s in Kit form-I supply all of the components and wiring instructions and you do the actual wiring. Most are available at $40 to $55 each excluding cable. Most cable configurations are available at $1.10 to $1.60 per foot in both new and used.

4) During the 1940’s Wurlitzer used a Fader Adapter for installing and controlling remote wall speakers with their jukeboxes. I sometimes have good unrestored single faders and restored single faders available. Multiple faders (for controlling up to five wallspeakers from one jukebox) are occasionally available-they are much scarcer than the single version. These units allow you to turn the remote wall speaker on and off, and also to balance (or “fade”) the volume output between the jukebox speaker and the wall speaker.

5) I have many of the original Wurlitzer Service Slants which address special problems. I can make copies of specific Service Slants for a nominal fee.

6) Feel free to email and ask about finding original instruction sheets or information. I may have something in my files which may help you.

If you have any questions,

drop me a message at