I don’t part them out this way anymore but therewas a time when I did. If you need parts for your jukebox please email me with as much information as you can provide.

An ideal request would include the manufacturer, the model number, part numbers with item number and page references from the correct parts catalog. I do not need to know the serial number of your machine unless it has a lot of “0”s in it. I do serial number research and am always excited to learn of early production examples of machines.

The parts I sell are used and in most cases dirty, just the way I pulled them off the machines. I try and include used tubes with the amplifiers when I have them available. I do not test any electrical parts, and they are sold “as is, as found”. I am not a bad person and will not sell you something that I think is junk. I will not knowingly sell anything with a bad transformer unless you have been notified first . In the rare case that this occurs I will endeavor to refund your money or locate better parts. In the case of 110 volt motors I do oil the bearings and run them for a short time to insure that they are running. I do not test low voltage or DC motors. It is expected that they will need to be cleaned, serviced and lubricated prior to use by the purchaser-you!

If I have New Old Stock (NOS) parts to offer I will be specific in that regard when I offer them to you.

If you have any questions,

drop me a message at